The Modern Collector

Since opening our doors in 1875, Liberty has had a proud tradition of championing traditional British manufacture, holding a powerful influence over the interiors of artists and aesthetes that continues to the present day with the 2021 Interiors collection.

For The Modern Collector, our team worked with a historic factory in Loughborough to produce wallpaper according to the most exquisitely high-quality techniques, with an emphasis on intergenerational knowledge and hand-touch production elements. A special focus on surface is displayed to luminous, exquisite effect: lustre and matte effects are carefully balanced with line and tone, bold colour and hue, and beautiful, unexpected texture. The range was created using distinct manufacturing processes, carefully selected to bring out the character of each design.

Artisanal techniques inform the designs, and vice versa – a harmonious form of storytelling through craft. Head of Design for Liberty Interiors Genevieve Bennett explains: “Liberty has always appealed to the heart and spirit of the collector – those with a passion for heirloom pieces which transcend the generations. The Modern Collector is dedicated to those enthusiasts, both past and present.”


For Poppy Meadowfield, a reworking of a much-loved archival print from 1910, design details are captured using a rotary printing technique – softly emulating the screen-printed look of the original. Different opacities of ink are layered to create richly coloured and textured effects, in matte and lustred hues.


Inspired by Liberty’s archive catalogues of the late 1890s to 1910s, the Deco Scallop motif was developed by the Liberty design studio as a simple contemporary wallpaper design – a modern take on the Liberty peacock feather and Art Deco fan.


Rich chalky grounds form the background for the boldly coloured floral motifs of Regency Tulip, in beautiful matte and metallic pigments. Carefully selected to bring this design to life, the surface print technique allows rich reticulation of surface pigment, emulating traditional block printing effects.


Created by the Liberty design studio, motifs were taken from the fern-like fronds within our Patricia artwork to create a simple and elegant coordinating design which provides space and light within the collection. It is printed using a mix of matte and mica pigments to provide soft lustre and depth – rendered in ointment pink, soft gold, pewter grey, down, pale jade and soft fennel yellow.