The Liberty Printing Mill

Liberty has been a pioneer of fabric innovation since we began printing our own designs well over a century ago. Today we have our own mill, located near the banks of Lake Como – the centre of the European textile industry. Using both cutting-edge technology and traditional techniques, archival and studio-fresh designs are printed to stunning effect on bases such as linen, chambray and, of course, our signature Tana Lawn cotton.

Our specialists print millions of metres of fabric every year, using both rotary screen and digital printing technologies. Swathes of fabric moves through printing, steaming, washing and softening processes. They are later quality checked by eagle-eyed technologists, before the fabric is cut, rolled and shipped around the globe.

Our mill is proud to continue with tried-and-tested traditional screen printing techniques, but also sits at the frontline of digital printing advancement, having recently invested in a new colour-by-colour printing machine that is one of only a few in the world. The continual honing of skills and technologies ensures we bring our studio designers’ photographic and painterly creations to life in the most vivid way possible.

Our mill reflects both sides of the Liberty spirit – a proud history of heritage design, combined with a restlessly inventive approach.