Crafting Fabrics

Named after the founder of Liberty, Arthur Lasenby Liberty, Lasenby Cotton was designed specifically with crafting in mind. Made from 100% cotton, Lasenby is printed and finished in our Italian Mill near the banks of Lake Como. Slightly heavier than its cotton companion, Tana Lawn™, Lasenby weighs 146 grams per square metre making it very stable and perfect for quilting.

Printed using traditional screen printing that infuses rich colour tones into the fabric, our studio designers’ photographic and painterly creations are brought to life in the most vivid way possible. Soft and smooth, this textile is just the thing you’ll want to snuggle up to on a cold winter’s day or drape across your bed-scape during summer.

*Please note colour and scale may be represented differently online, please refer to fabric for correct colour and scale.