Postcard from the Highlands

Join us as we journey northwards from our London Studio to explore the breath-taking beauty and splendour of the Scottish Highlands. Renowned for its natural wonders and unrivalled tranquillity, this region in Northern Scotland will captivate you with awe-inspiring mountains and scenic coastlines, diverse plant life, vast lochs, and cascading rivers.

Postcard-perfect memories await in the Highlands, where every adventure is a story worth telling. Immerse yourself in the beautiful mountain-scape, adorned with a purple veil of heather and vibrant blooms of Rhododendrons. Savour the taste of freshly foraged wild berries and admire the Foxgloves, Irises, Thistles, Marsh Orchids, and Sea Pinks speckling the hillsides and coastlines with their colourful presence. Recall the breath-taking vistas and iconic landmarks discovered on our journey - there will be so much to write home about!

The collection is traditionally screen printed on to Lasenby cotton, a base specifically developed for quilting and craft projects.

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