FuturLiberty: The Fashion Collection

Liberty Fabrics invited the renowned couturier and interior designer, Federico Forquet, to curate a capsule collection of designs printed on silk and Tana Lawn™. FuturLiberty is an exploration of the unexpected in the Liberty archive, resulting in a reinvention of Liberty Fabrics – inspired by, and celebrating the artistic movement of Futurism and a century of avant-garde.

Neapolitan born Forquet‘s career began when he moved to Paris after being scouted by the legendary fashion designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga. He learned the craft of couture under this disruptive visionary before opening his own atelier in Rome in the 1960s. He went on with his eclectic exploration of aesthetics rooted in the classics, and soon turned his attention to the world of interiors where he similarly traced his distinctive narrative.

As with all Liberty Fabrics collections, the designers began by researching their theme and started by exploring the Liberty Archive which houses over 50,000 designs spanning from the 1880s to the present day. The designers were particularly drawn to the work of Bernard Nevill, Liberty Fabrics’ famed designer of the 1960s, which often incorporated bold designs inspired by the visual language of rebellious art movements including Cubism, Vorticism, and Futurism.

Directly inspired by the energy of the avant-gardes – FuturLiberty is a contemporary celebration of movement, unpredictable geometrics, and dynamic abstractions in vibrant flashes of colour.

The collection is a timely oath against stereotypes. The reinterpreted archive designs appear with a refreshed intensity and loud optimism with newly created designs created in a myriad of mediums including collage, pencils and painting, all created in the Liberty Design Studio in the heart of London.