House Florals

Effortlessly timeless and instantly recognisable, House Florals transports the elegance of Liberty into the heart of your home. Rooted in the classic 1930s florals, the collection captures the essence of meadow flowers and humble blooms, sketched out in pencil from the artists’ windows of that era. Beautifully complemented by modern and reworked archival stripes and graphic geometrics, the smaller scale and playful patterns evoke a sense of familiarity, celebrating Liberty’s cherished heritage.

Encompassing original artworks and archival discoveries, the collection is set across the Liberty signature colour stories: Lacquer, Jade, Lapis, Pewter, and Lichen. Purposely crafted for layering and pattern play, House Florals comprises eleven floral and five geometric designs that seamlessly merge with nineteen coordinating plains from the Art Colours series. Printed on four lightweight cotton and linen bases, suitable for drapery, accessories, and occasional upholstery, these fabrics showcase a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics for the home.

Thorpe House is a timeless homage to artist John Hall Thorpe, whose paintings from the early 1900s inspired this design. Reminiscent of Liberty’s 1930s florals prints, the Tana Lawn™ cotton classic, Thorpe, was skilfully created as a colourful, repeating design by the Liberty design studio in 1968. Now reimagined for the home, Thorpe House has been redrawn to a larger, more playful scale offering an interplay of pattern and form suited to modern spaces.

Wiltshire Blossom is a contemporary reworking of an iconic 1933 leaf-and-berry Liberty print. Carefully repainted and re-engineered for House Florals, this contemporary furnishing fabric design provides beautiful tactility and clarity of print mark for a timeless and elegant feel.

Created for Liberty in 1964, this charming trailing floral pattern features stylised cherry blossom flowers, blooming buds, and colourful carnations. Arranged in perfect harmony, Empress Vine evokes a sense of subtle movement amongst the delicate branches.

An adaptation of one of Liberty’s most versatile classics, Feather Petals’ all-over print is reminiscent of the 1930s style of Liberty designs. Reimagined by the design studio into a sophisticated and minimalist two-tone print, this design is ideal for contemporary living spaces.

Poppy Meadowfield is a refreshing take on the beloved Poppy & Daisy print. Redrawn and rebalanced for contemporary home interiors, this design’s delicate outlines and vibrant colour palette mark this as an unmistakably Liberty pattern. Reimagined in a myriad of colourways throughout the years, this timeless floral remains one of Liberty’s most cherished prints.

Poppy Grace is a one-colour version of Poppy Meadowfield, a modern reimagining of a cherished archival print circa 1910. Carefully crafted into an all-over floral design with soft, contemporary-coloured grounds, the delicate outlines and tranquil colour palette provide a quintessentially Liberty feel.

An original design hand-drawn in pencil and brought to life with gouache, Shepherdly Flowers was inspired by the flowers adorning the Regent Street entrance to the iconic Liberty flagship store. Elegantly transformed into a stylised floral paisley, this all-over meadow layout offers a celebratory interpretation of wildflowers and plants.

Mitsi was initially designed by Gillian Farr, a member of the design studio during the 1950s. Paying homage to Liberty’s historical appreciation for Japanese design motifs, Mitsi Blossom elegantly showcases a captivating all-over print of cherry blossom flowers.

Betsy Flora is a larger-scale adaptation of Liberty’s much-loved Betsy, initially crafted in 1933. This timeless classic has been rendered in a spectrum of colours over the years and remains one of Liberty’s most widely recognised and cherished prints. A true icon in Liberty’s history of design.

Betsy Bloom is a modern rendition of the beloved Betsy, expertly resized and recoloured into a captivating two-tone pattern by the design studio. Meticulously redrawn with Liberty’s signature fine outline, Betsy Bloom’s monochrome, stylised flowers create a distinct aesthetic, offering a fresh and contemporary appeal to your space

Delicately painted in soft watercolours, Felda Wild showcases a romantic and harmonious array of irises, poppies, and daisies. Capturing the essence of a serene country garden, this selection of meadow flowers offers a scene of tranquillity.

Inspired by the iconic markings of regal peacock feathers, this all-over geometric design was originally drawn with the decisive mark-making of oil pastels, providing a hand-drawn aesthetic to an otherwise graphic print.

Created for a simple cotton dress print in 1968, Tapestry Trellis is a captivating geometric design beautifully complemented by delightful pops of tiny, coloured squares. Tapestry Trellis’ diagonal check is brought to life in an all-over repeat, evoking the charm of graphic tile patterns.

Crafted originally between 1925 and 1927, Art Stripe is a classic stripe design discovered in the archive and carefully reconsidered for interior spaces today. Offered in three rich colourways, this print draws inspiration from the vibrant colour palette of the 1920s period, providing an attractive blend of contemporary hues with archival appeal.

Park Stripe is a beautifully refined stripe design derived from House Florals’ Art Stripe. Offered in five sophisticated colourways, this two-tone vertical stripe mirrors Liberty’s signature colour palette. Park Stripe elevates the atmosphere of any space.

Inspired by Art Stripe’s timeless composition, Regent Stripe pays homage to an era of grace and style, infusing contemporary living spaces with a touch of sophistication. With a selection of thin vertical stripes coloured in a tonal spectrum, crafted to create an illusion of light and dark, Regent Stripe seamlessly Blends 1920s elegance with a modern aesthetic for a refined atmosphere.