Liberty X The Rug Company

Two titans of British design, Liberty and The Rug Company have united to create a collection of six iconic rugs.

Each design takes inspiration from Liberty’s extensive archive that dates back to 1875 and celebrates a shared passion for heritage, exceptional materials, and the importance of beauty within the home.

Drawing on Liberty's most iconic and best-kept prints: Hera, Ianthe, Hana, and Milo, Liberty X The Rug Co. is a truly timeless collaboration.

Hera is Liberty's most iconic pattern and one of the best documented in the Liberty archive. Hera first appears in Liberty's records in 1887, identified by its distinctive Peacock feathers, a signature of the Aesthetic Movement style.

Unmistakably Art Nouveau, Ianthe first made its entrance into Liberty's fabric ranges in 1967. Characterised by its sinuous lines and organic shapes, the Art Nouveau style had a seismic impact on the design world, instigating a cultural youthquake in the heart of 1960s London. Reignited by Liberty's rediscovery of the archive's Victorian printing blocks, Art Nouveau designs were brought back into production where they have been rescaled and recoloured for the modern day.

Milo's characterful combination of foliage, flowers, bright-eyed deer, and climbing tigers is a celebration of traditional motifs recoloured for modern times. Originally painted in 1972 by the Liberty Design Studio, Milo borrows patterns and styles from some of Liberty's earliest sample books.

The swirling background in Hana's design mimics the energetic lines of the traditional Japanese wood-block prints, influenced by the East throughout the 1880s and 1890s. Hana's Art-Nouveau styling celebrates a spectrum of Japanese design, from its sweeping lines of Poppy petals to its bundles of blossom flowers.

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