Victory Vault

The Victory Vault encompasses the biggest successes of recent Liberty Fabrics collections. Each design has been originally created by our studio team as part of a modern seasonal collection – this is the only place where these prints remain available in their original scale and colour. The vault is continually growing and changing as memorable designs progress into the classic archive, and new designs prove themselves victorious and earn their place here.

Shot in Camargue, France, by photographer Julia Bostock, the Victory Vault collection is transformed into patterned shirts – which have traditionally been worn by the region’s ‘Guardians’ since the sixteenth century. “The Guardians as they are known wear their patterned shirts most of the time, but are particularly impressively dressed for community events or parties, which are frequent,” Bostock notes. “The idea thus originates from a historical background, but the exuberance of the patterns also expresses something about the cowboys' and girls' way of life. I felt this captured the spirit of fashion and exuberance in Liberty Fabrics.”