Name a Liberty Print
Name a Print Programme

To support our ‘Liberty, For Life’ programme, in November 2020 the Liberty Fabrics design team began offering customers a way to become part of our brand’s 145-year history – leaving a legacy within one of the world’s most famous design archives, by choosing and naming their own Liberty print.

The ongoing twice-yearly programme has so far raised £20,000, with all proceeds going to the ‘1000 Women’ initiative led by The Sophie Hayes Foundation. ‘1000 Women’ carries those freed from slavery in the UK into the next stage of their lives, tailoring each programme to an individual case.

Name a Print customer, Florentine: “When I saw that we could have the opportunity to follow the whole creative process and name a Liberty print, I couldn’t imagine doing it without my dear friend Karen. We are both passionate about the quality of Tana Lawn since childhood and ever since we’ve known each other, it is our favourite subject: where to find it, what to make with it – and when I learned that it would help women in need through ‘Liberty, For Life’, I didn’t hesitate any further!”